We provide education to the under-privileged by incorporating the best pedagogical practices at an elementary as well as an advanced level and to bridge the gap for students between education and employment.

The school program is organized with Chhabildas school students. 300 students from Nursery to std 8th attend this program. Timings are from 8:30am to 12:00pm (Monday to Saturday). Duration for this program is 3.5 hrs daily. In each class there are 35 to 40 students. Level tests of the students are conducted to know the level of each student and then they are placed according to their respective level.


English is a secondary language for the students and despite knowing how to read and write, they struggle with the spoken component of the language. WE FOR YOU CHARITABLE TRUST provides intensive training to the students. The course is designed to develop their confidence so that they can effectively communicate their thoughts in English. Students critical thinking skills are honed by making them write short essays.


Maths classes are conducted according to the syllabus of the Maharashtra board and each topic is taught in the form of an activity. WE FOR YOU CHARITABLE TRUST teachers skillfully integrate a range of instructional approaches and resources to meet the diverse learning needs of their students. Online games, and written worksheets are used to assess the impact of teaching.


We use the Ekbuddy digital learning platform which has learning videos and online tests. Videos are shown in the classrooms using projectors.

In addition, a volunteer teams up with a student and speaks to the student on regular basis to help them improve their language skills. They discuss and share stories and other videos from Ekbuddy. We have observed that our students have shown a remarkable improvement in speaking, listening, reading and writing English. The computer classes enhance basic computer skills and boost overall academic performance.


Every student of WE FOR YOU CHARITABLE TRUST attends regular Yoga class. This is a great concentration building exercise that is a key tool in helping the students keep calm at all times.


Students love to convey their ideas through art. A dedicated and passionate art teacher is laying the groundwork for future careers in fine arts, architecture, and applied arts. Students paintings are displayed prominently in school. Selected students are given intensive training.


A fun filled dance class is taken by an expert for the children to relax, let loose and enjoy the joys of performing arts. The class helps the students discover their inner talents and overcome stage fright. While they dance to the sound of beats with their classmates one can see children enjoying every moment.


Music as an element is very relaxing to the human ears and helps bring out the passion of the students as they sing joyously. A fun filled class that encourages the students to discover their inner talents. We teach language skills through music.


Sports and athletic activities promote confidence building, team work and instill discipline in the students. Sports is an essential part of education, helping maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.