I have been associated with Farida and her team for over a decade in multiple roles. The team has been doing exemplary work over the years. I have engaged with WE FOR YOU in building the curriculum, deploying the learning platform and also been a donor. All the teachers in the team are very sincere and dedicated. I look forward to continuing our association.

Dinaz Ramesh


Now I can speak in English because of WE FOR YOU CHARITABLE TRUST. We have video learning. We For You Foundation makes the person perfect for future. The best thing that WE FOR YOU CHARITABLE TRUST have "Who's Speaking Section" that improved My confidence. We have computers also. I don't have computer at my home but because of WE FOR YOU CHARITABLE TRUST I know everything about computer.

Sakshi Sawle


Hii! I like WE FOR YOU CHARITABLE TRUST very much. Farida miss and Maria miss have been teaching me for 10 years. I learnt interesting activities like music, dance, art, craft, etc. We For You teachers taught me with a great deal of care and patience. I got more opportunities to participate in various activities. We For You teachers guided me in all problems. Their way of teaching is very different. They behave very kindly to me. It is the place that gave me a lot of knowledge. Thank You!!

Akshada Dhangade


It's been 4 years since I left Chhabildas school. I can't forget the teachers and friends who put confidence in me.

When I joined I was in 2nd standard. At first I was scared because at that time I was worried about how to speak English. I was unable to speak in English and to understand English. But the teachers were so helpful that they make me free, comfortable and I learned to speak in English, understand English and write in English. There were so many activities with studies for eg., sports, competitions, Ganpati fest, Diwali fest, workshop etc. I got opportunity to learn different things. There were classes like drawing class, computer lecture. We all students used to do so much masti and sometimes we got punished but I learned lots of things that I can't forget. The best thing was when we used to go for competition and we won the 1st prize and the happiness we saw in our teacher's eyes and that smile. I made so much of my memories with my friends. Whatever I am writing in English now is possible because of the teachers of WE FOR YOU CHARITABLE TRUST who helped me. Now I can speak better English and I can understand. Maybe the words are less to thank the teachers who put confidence in me.

Ruchira R. Nakte


It's been a year since I'm associated with WE FOR YOU CHARITABLE TRUST as a volunteer. A foundation that started with so little manpower to provide education for underprivileged children.

Not just the teaching staff but the students as well gives us the satisfaction that, selfless good deeds do exist.

I look forward to seeing what comes in the future and hope I'm around in this life, long enough to connect with more such people.

Gauri Chavan


I joined the NGO when I was in 1st standard and studied from 1st standard to 8th standard. In those 8 years I had many great experiences. I learnt many different things from the Workshops, these were the one of the favorite things that I love. On summer workshop or Diwali workshop volunteers came and taught us many activities, games and other things. In every workshop Miss brought something new for us. I was very weak in Maths but could improve my studies after they started teaching on computers. Miss took many exercises of English.

Dipmala miss was an expert in Maths because of her I improved my studies in Maths. Farida miss and Maria miss were the experts of English. Manisha miss was best in grammar and Nita miss was the best teacher and the best cook also.

Every New Year Miss brought something new and different for us. After Sujaya Farida miss and other teachers created a new foundation called WE FOR YOU CHARITABLE TRUST. Now I am the ex-student of Sujaya, still Miss calls me on every workshop of WE FOR YOU CHARITABLE TRUST and I join every workshop of WE FOR YOU CHARITABLE TRUST and I enjoy it.

Sahil Suryakant Shigwan


I remember when I joined the NGO I was in 2nd standard. I was feeling so bored to get up early in the morning and go to school. But after some days I felt it so interesting where I could enjoy and learn something. The teachers were very nice who encouraged us and supported us to speak better English. From 2nd standard to 8th standard the journey was really amazing which is unforgettable. Every time they used some tricks to enjoy that particular subject which students understand very well.

I have a lot of memories connected with participating in drama competitions, dance competitions, sports. I remember the drama we performed named as ’Bolbacchan’. We participated in dance competition and performed Yoga fusion and won 2nd prize in it. The staff of WE FOR YOU CHARITABLE TRUST always make some new plans for students.

Every day we used to gather in the hall and pray, do yoga, eat the snacks and the lectures were scheduled for the day.

I remember when we were in 8th standard we performed a drama for all teachers. We arranged gifts, did drama, dance and many more activities.

It was really an amazing experience for me. Now missing those days, that masti, those beautiful and interesting sessions. At last I understood the motive behind those tricks and plans just not to teach them but also to understand that concept and when we enjoy a particular thing it becomes interesting and we observe and understand it more.

Janhavi Futak


Hi everyone, I am working with We For You since last 1 year and had a great experience with them.

They provide education to the young kids and bring out the creative aspect. The teachers are always enthusiastic and go out of the way to teach the kids. I particularly like the computer education provided to the kids, it's a very good experience for them. The NGO management has done a great job of managing things so well.

Manisha Agarwal


I wanted to do something during the free time when my children would go to school. I decided to teach underprivileged children. I was looking for something voluntary.

Came across WE FOR YOU CHARITABLE TRUST, they are doing a splendid job of teaching the children English, in their regular school where primary language is Marathi. Loved their smiles. Please keep up the good work which you'll are doing.

Pooja Vaswani